Parents of Allergic Children | Children
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Each month the ladies of our town hold a meeting of sorts where they gather to discuss the events and concerns that can affect them and their children.  Items of discussion can range from local petty crime to concerns over new development and construction; however, much of the conversation concerns the ways the homeowners and businesses can help make the community a more “livable” neighborhood for our children and our elders.  In the spring there are occasions when many people have trouble enjoying the pleasant atmosphere because of their allergies.  So this group adopted a program where people with serious allergies could attend their meetings and enjoy indoor activities, instead of being left out due to their inability to really deal with spores and pollen. The leaders of these meetings are also ladies who are active in other fields.  Many are members of key political organizations; others are businesswomen who manage some key stores.  One of our lawyers, a woman particularly fond of wearing clothes she buys from Ann Taylor, is a popular member who provides much insight and advice since she had once been a member of the local county commission.   Another member produces accessories whose clientele comes from the performing arts – her products are often seen worn by singers and actors who perform at local venues.  After learning of the concerns parents of allergic children have, both have decided to pursue ways to address the needs for better food labeling at farmer’s markets, and local festivals, food truck rodeos and fairs....