July 30, 2019

Compare loans – Payday Loans

Good Finance are under the active supervision of the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority, which gives you as a customer the security of working with a serious partner. We are licensed mortgage lenders and approved as consumer credit institutions. Our employees are examined and licensed by Swedsec. An assessment at http://www.highriverhighlandgames.com/aboutus What states does Good Finance have? Mortgage Credit Brokers: This is a license required to pass on mortgage loans. At present, only a handful of companies in Sweden have this license. Good Finance are one of these. The license means, among other things, that you as a consumer must be guaranteed comprehensive and accurate information and that the company has…

July 10, 2019

Term deposits: Earn higher interest in a Cashier

I put together a capital, where do I place it to see it grow? Currently, the market offers 2 financial options without much risk: Savings accounts and Fixed Term accounts but personally would not use a “savings account” since the interest rates offered are small as they range from 2.5% to 3%. A fixed term account instead is much more interesting to save your money and “forget it” there until you need it since the rates are definitely more attractive, they reach up to 7.25% in banks and up to 8.75% in Savings Banks and Financial. The difference is that in the first option it is necessary to place large…

July 8, 2019

Cheapest home loan in Hungary right now!

Since spring, demand for banks’ mortgage loans has been steadily increasing. When it comes to choosing the best one, we have no easy task. We have used our calculator to select the most favorable home loan available to us. There is a significant increase in the number of people buying a home or considering buying a family home. Significant increases in real estate prices are largely offset by the availability of loans on the most favorable terms. Banks have launched many options today, so we have to think carefully about which one to choose? We can save millions with a prudent decision and fail the same with the wrong choice….